The Leprechaun Museum

photo (3)The Leprechaun Museum, located on Jervis Street in the heart of Dublin City, is a great place to pass a couple of hours in a leprechaun-sized world.

You will delve into Irish and Celtic culture and discover what lies behind the well known tales of Irish cultural icons, notably the leprechaun, rainbows and, of course, pots of gold.

Irish people have told stories about the leprechaun for more than a thousand years and tourists who come to Ireland are intrigued by the notion of the little man and who or what he really is.

The National Leprechaun Museum is the first ever attraction dedicated to Irish mythology.

It opens up a magical world full of folklore, mythology and enchanting tales.

The museum is laid out in a story of 12 chapters, each chapter reflecting Irish mythology or recreating experiences typically associated with leprechauns.

Chapter one starts with the first sighting of the leprechaun back in the eighth century and as you move through the chapters, you arrive at what the modern day representation of the leprechaun is and how he is now represented in film and popular culture.

By Laura Hogan


Location: Twilfit House, Jervis Street, Dublin 1.

Times: Daytime tours: 10.00 – 18.30 (last entry 17.45), Evening Tours 7.30pm and 8pm (Friday & Saturday Nights only)

Cost: Children 3-11 years: €8, Children 0-3: €3, Students & OAPS: €10


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