Milk and Cookie Stories

Screen shot 2013-01-07 at 23.50.16On the first Tuesday night of every month something magical takes place inside ‘The Exchange’ in Temple Bar.

People from all walks of life gather together amongst comfy sofas and fluffy duvets to sit down, relax and listen to a story.

Milk and Cookie Stories’ is an open mic night that has been up and running for the past 3 years. It is run completely by volunteers and is most importantly, absolutely free.

Volunteer and member of the management committee, Cormac Murphy says that Milk and Cookies aims to create a warm and friendly atmosphere where people feel at ease.

The event welcomes people from all walks of life to get up and share a tale with the audience. The youngest ever storyteller was 7 years old and according to Connor, was also one of the most well received.

Praneesh, a regular storyteller explained that the reason he has kept coming back to ‘Milk and Cookies’ is because it is place where you can ‘get to know people on a different level’. According to Praneesh ‘here you can be yourself in a different sense and nobody is going to hate you’.

As well as seasoned regulars, almost 1/3 of the Milk and Cookies audience are first time attendees. Many of these newbies said it was the idea of alternative night out in Dublin, not involving alcohol, that made them want to come.


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