Burritos and Blues

2013-01-13 13.52.16Burritos and Blues is exactly what it says, it serves the Mexican treat and plays jazzy music. Not many people would like music in their ears while they eat, so try out the Take Away in the IFSC.

The take away is located just across the street from the National College of Ireland and near the Mayor Street Luas stop. So, if you are near O’Connell Street and in the mood for some Mexican food, it’s just a short trip on the Luas.

It is small with just a couple of tables inside, but there is plenty of space around the IFSC that you can relax and enjoy your food. The service is good and fast and the even just heat of the burrito when you hold it in your hand gets you tingling.

This is for the lovers of Mexican food and is kind of like the Mexican equivalent of Subway. First you choose the base, and then you pick your filling: steak or chicken. There’s even a vegetarian option. Then you pick your salsa. If you cannot handle spicy food, I would recommend the mild salsa. If you are fan, do you dare try the “Blow-your-head-off” salsa?

If you’re in a real hurry, there are 2 pre-set options including the The Silver Bullet (their flagship burrito)which includes freshly marinated minced beef with all the usual fillings at just €5.95. It is not all about burritos and you can try out their nachos from €5.75. You can see their full menu here.

The music is a nice touch and while you are waiting, you will definitely be swaying. If you want to enjoy the music for longer, there is a Burritos and Blues also located on Wexford Street where you can sit in and eat, while enjoying the blues.

Location: 4 Lower Mayor Street, IFSC, Dublin 1

Times: Mon-Wed 11am-5pm, Thurs-Fri 11am-8pm, Sat 1pm-7pm, Sun Closed

By Liam Mc Namara


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