Bram’s Café

2013-01-13 13.03.56All the good cafés are not only in Dublin City Centre, they are all around Dublin. Bram’s Café in Marino is just a 10 minute bus journey from town and it is located in a nice quiet location just off the Malahide Road.

The café is named after Dracula creator Bram Stoker who lived only a one minute walk away at Marino crescent. This fact makes it a busy little restaurant but the food is the main attraction.

You can get all full Irish breakfast for just €7.30 or a BLT for €7. There are lodes more on their breakfast menu from porridge at €4 to cereal at just €3. A wide selection of sandwiches and wraps is available all day long.

They also offer a catering service 7 days a week costing no more than €30 for 5-6 people.

2013-01-13 14.14.33

Marino Crescent is less than a minute’s walk away

It can be busy at lunch time so that’s why they provide a take-out service. If you choose this, there is a lovely little park just a one minute walk away. There are a number of benches so you can sit and enjoy your food.

This crescent is never too busy; you might see the odd person walking their dog. There is a wonderful feeling of peace and serenity and even though it’s located off a main road, you wouldn’t know it.

In Bram’s, you can be certain of a good breakfast and the staff are always friendly.  So if you’re looking for a quiet little café just outside town, Bram’s is the one for you.

Location: 4 St. Aidan’s Park Road, Marino, Dublin 3.

Times: Mon-Sun 8am-6pm

By Liam Mc Namara


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