Foam Cafe

There are A LOT of cafes in Dublin. Over the past 10 years Dublin has been inundated with new coffee shops, bistros and brasseries, all vying to be the place that you spend those precious lunch breaks.

However, one of the more recent additions to Dublin’s café scene, Foam, hands down surpasses ALL of the competition.

Cosy interiors

Cosy interiors

Located just off Dublin’s Italian Quarter, stepping inside Foam Café is like wandering into a wonderfully bizarre dream. The walls are adorned with a mishmash of random objects including miniature parrots, flamingos and glittery deers. From the ceiling hands multi coloured chandeliers, Mexican Christmas decorations and fairy lights. Throw in some flower covered Christmas trees, hula dancer lampshades and Roy Lichtenstein table cloths and you’re beginning to get the idea.

Along with the wonderful decor, Foam has some seriously comfy couches to snuggle up on. The staff are absolutely lovely and don’t ever put you under pressure to leave like oh so many other eateries in our fair city.

To add to all of this loveliness Foam serves absolutely delicious food to suit pretty much everybody. You can get a fabulous home made pizza for just €12:50, tapas for €5.50 each or a beautifully made BLT for €9:50. Foam also has some of the absolute best cakes in Dublin. Their vanilla cheese cake is to die for and is absolutely perfect washed down with a frothy hot chocolate complete with mini marshmallows

Upstairs comfy couches

Upstairs comfy couches

Foam has been open just over a year and prides itself on being different to the mundane coffee chains visible on every street corner. Owner Sebastian Hobart told Dublin’s Hidden Gems that the decor of Foam is mostly made up of things he had lying around his house and after visiting Foam, I think its safe to say that most people would be very interested to see what Sebastian’s house looks like!

Foam really is something very special, every single customer leaves with a tummy full of tasty home made food and massive smile on their face and I’d be willing to bet that nearly every single one is aching to return.



By Ruth Aravena


Location: 24 Strand Street Great, Dublin 1

Times: Mon-Fri 10am-9pm, Sat 11am-9pm, Sun 11am-7pm


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