The Little Green

The Little GreenThe Little Green is unique in the sense that it successfully operates as a cafe, bar and art gallery.

It opened its doors to the public a number of months ago and is doing well so far, according to 20 year old, Stephen Blake.

Stephen is one of the curators of the art gallery in The Little Green. 

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De La Punc

De La PuncDe La Punc is a women’s clothing shop located on South William Street.

It has been open for almost two months now and is owned by Gina and her boyfriend, Karl.

Gina is from Hong Kong originally but has been living in Ireland for ten years. She did fashion design in the Dun Laoghaire Arts School and it was always her dream to one day open her own shop.

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The Leprechaun Museum

photo (3)The Leprechaun Museum, located on Jervis Street in the heart of Dublin City, is a great place to pass a couple of hours in a leprechaun-sized world.

You will delve into Irish and Celtic culture and discover what lies behind the well known tales of Irish cultural icons, notably the leprechaun, rainbows and, of course, pots of gold.

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Bram’s Café

2013-01-13 13.03.56All the good cafés are not only in Dublin City Centre, they are all around Dublin. Bram’s Café in Marino is just a 10 minute bus journey from town and it is located in a nice quiet location just off the Malahide Road.

The café is named after Dracula creator Bram Stoker who lived only a one minute walk away at Marino crescent. This fact makes it a busy little restaurant but the food is the main attraction.

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The best of Dublin’s public art


Most people who work or live in Dublin City walk past countless numbers of statues sculptures, monuments and murals every day. These iron and bronze figures have become part of the city furniture and most people rarely stop an appreciate just how cool some of them are.

Here at Dublin’s Hidden Gems we have decided to bring you some the best, most unusual, and most over looked of these wonderful sculptures that dot our little city.

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